NEMO ORDER NUMBER: What was the order # of the subject pump?
THE PUMP: What is the operating voltage of the pump?
THE POWER SYSTEM: Describe in general the electrical system powering the pump and describe in detail all electrical control components between the pump and the power source, as well as wire gauge used and distance in feet of wire run.
THE PLUMBING SYSTEM: Describe the water source, static water level, submergence depth of the pump, the vertical distance of lift, and the plumbing that delivers the water between the pump and the end use outlet(s) including details of all valves, tanks, or other control components enroute.
THE USE & VOLUME: Indicate the average daily volume of water delivered by estimating the number of times and the length of each time the pump is on and off during an average day of use.
OTHER FACTORS: Describe any other conditions that may effect the normal operation and intended use of the pump.